3ds Max: 3D Camera Techniques for Arch Viz

25 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Learn how to use cinematic camera techniques in 3ds Max to showcase your architectural projects.


Every building tells a story. Adding a little motion helps it come to life. This course shows how to use cinematic camera techniques in 3ds Max to showcase your architectural projects. Expert demonstrates how to set up compelling camera angles and movement that will show 3D architectural renderings in their best light.

Learn how to create, place, aim, and move cameras; animate cameras along a path; fine-tune motion; and export images and animatics that tell a compelling story about your design.


Topics include:

  • Storytelling with images and motion
  • Creating animatics
  • Placing the camera
  • Using clipping planes
  • Animating basic and complex camera moves
  • Moving cameras along paths
  • Creating a boom rig
  • Editing motion
  • Creating the final output




3D architectural projects using cinematic camera techniques
What you should know
Working with the exercise files
Notes on the 3ds Max assets


1. Developing the Story
Telling a story
Storytelling with images
Storytelling with motion
The importance of storyboards
Creating animatics


2. Cameras and Placement
Camera placement
Composing with the rule of thirds
Lenses and perspective control
Using clipping planes
Focus and depth of field


3. Animating Cameras
Basic camera moves
Manipulating cameras properly
Camera rigging for linear motion
Camera setup for rotation
Animating camera rotation
Creating complex camera moves
Animating cameras using targets
Moving cameras along paths
Working with complex paths
Creating a boom rig


4. Finalizing
Creating motion previews
Editing motion
Final output

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