3ds Max and Twinmotion: Architectural Visualization

26 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Twinmotion is a real-time visualization tool for the AEC and product design world that enables photo-realistic, real-time renders for a variety of platforms.

In this course, expert shows the workflow between Twinmotion and 3ds Max for creating architectural visualizations, and starts with the basics of Twinmotion, detailing the interface and setting up preferences, and then shows how to export a project from 3ds Max into Twinmotion.

Expert explains how to add materials and objects, along with details like vegetation, expert covers working with lights, cameras, and weather, before showing how to export the scenes as images, videos, and presentations.




Create real-time visualizations with 3ds Max and Twinmotion

Using the exercise files


1. Understanding Twinmotion
The Twinmotion interface

Preferences and quality

Navigation in Twinmotion

Selecting and manipulating objects

Twinmotion's Scene Graph


2. 3ds Max Files into Twinmotion
Preparing your 3ds Max file

Correcting UV mapping

Exporting to FBX

Importing into Twinmotion


3. Working with Materials
Applying materials to objects

Modifying materials

Material libraries


4. Adding Details
Adding objects and vegetation

Using vegetation paint

Using vegetation scatter


5. Lights, Cameras, and Weather


Environmental lighting and backgrounds

Adding lights

Configuring reflections


6. Final Output
Create and export images

Create and export video

Creating presentations

Phasing in Twinmotion

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