Blender 2.8 Character Creation

95 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Explore a new frontier in 3D animation with the character creation tools in Blender 2.8. This course takes you through everything you need to know to create your own 3D characters with Blender. Expert explains how to model the entire body, from head to feet, and model an animation-ready face with proper edge flow. Learn how to create your character’s costume—in this example project, a space suit and helmet—and use the new Eeevee renderer to set up and apply realistic, high-resolution textures.

Finally, discover how to rig the character, light your scene, and create and render a turntable animation. The skills you learn in this course will take your character creations to a whole new level.



Topics include:

  • Modeling the head
  • Modeling the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • Extruding the torso
  • Modeling arms and hands
  • Creating the space suit
  • Sculpting the suit
  • Modeling the helmet
  • UV mapping the character
  • Baking a normal map
  • Assigning materials
  • Texture painting details
  • Modeling and texturing hair
  • Rigging the character
  • Lighting and rendering the scene




1. Modeling the Head
Importing reference images

Beginning the face

Establishing the face loops

Completing the loop mask

Adjusting the face

Creating the top of the head

Modeling the eyes

Placing the eyes

Creating the side of the head and neck

Modeling the ears

Creating the nostrils

Beginning the lips

Extruding the inner mouth

Creating the gums

Beginning the teeth

Finishing the teeth

Modeling the eyelids


2. Modeling the Body
Extruding the torso

Creating the legs

Modeling the arms

Beginning the fingers

Continuing the fingers

Extruding the hand

Modeling the thumb

Connecting the hand

Beginning the foot

Finishing the feet

Beginning the body suit

Finishing the body suit


3. Creating the Space Suit
Beginning the space suit

Creating the sole of the boot

Modeling the boots

Creating the glove

Continuing the space suit

Working on the breastplate and belt

Finishing the breastplate and belt

Creating the knee and elbow pads

Preparing to sculpt

Beginning the legs

Sculpting the upper legs and hips

Sculpting the torso and arms

Sculpting the boots

Sculpting the gloves

Finishing the sculpting


4. Modeling the Helmet and Cap
Beginning the helmet

Continuing the helmet

Adding thickness to the helmet

Finishing the helmet

Starting the Snoopy cap

Continuing the Snoopy cap

Modeling the cap mics

Creating the chin strap

5. UV Mapping and Baking
Beginning to organize the model

Finishing the organization

UV mapping the suit

UV mapping the cap

UV mapping the head

Baking a normal map


6. Creating Materials and Textures
Assigning materials for the suit

Assigning materials to the head

Adjusting the materials

Adding textures to the suit and eyes

Texturing the Snoopy cap

Beginning to texture the face

Finishing the face textures

Texture painting details on the suit


7. Creating the Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and Bangs
Modeling the eyelashes

Texturing the eyelashes

Beginning to texture the eyebrows

Finishing the eyebrow textures

Modeling and UV mapping the bangs

Texturing the bangs


8. Rigging the Character
Preparing the character for rigging

Creating the armature and adjusting joints

Placing the joints of the hands

Adjusting the joints of the face

Placing the joints for the mouth and eyes

Generating the rig and binding the mesh

Parenting the eyes and teeth

Adjusting weights of the face

Testing the face controls

Adjusting the neck and chest weights

Painting the weights of the hand

Painting weights for the elbows and knees

Weight painting the torso and hips

Weight painting the boots and testing the rig


9. Lighting and Rendering the Scene
Posing the character

Lighting the scene

Setting up the transparent glass material

Animating the camera

Rendering the animation

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