3D Animation and Rigging Weekly

Practical Tips (2020-2021)

22 Video Lessons

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About this Course

When it comes to bringing believable 3D characters to life in Autodesk Maya, there's always more to learn.

In this series, get practical tips that can help you enhance your 3D animation and rigging workflow, as well as generally work smarter in Maya.

Expert covers how to mimic stop-motion techniques using replacement animation, write scripts to speed up your rigging process, and much more.




Create rigging and animation with Maya

Taking advantage of the exercise files


  1. Creating replacement animation
  2. Using offset parent matrices
  3. Scripting offset parent matrices
  4. Animation timeline bookmarks
  5. Using proximity pins
  6. Using UV pins
  7. Proximity wrapping
  8. The Rivet command
  9. Animating blinks
  10. Changing eye direction
  11. Eye direction and head turns
  12. Rigs for dilating pupils
  13. Matrices instead of constraints in rigs
  14. Using the Pose Editor in skinning
  15. Scaling rigs
  16. Picking up objects
  17. Advanced snapping for joint placement
  18. Bonus tools in Maya for rigging
  19. Setting up a ribbon rig
  20. Rigging a flexible arm with ribbons
  21. Adding deformers to a ribbon rig
  22. Skinning ribbon rigs

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