ZBrush: Modeling a Cartoon Character

27 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Learn how to model a cartoon character using ZBrush, the 3D digital sculpting tool from Pixologic.

Explore sculpting, painting, and posing a 3D cartoon character using ZBrush. Expert demonstrates how to set up reference images, build a character from primitive shapes, fuse the shapes into a smooth surface, refine the anatomy and design, and color the model.

Plus, learn how to render the character with a pose for presentation.


Topics include:

  • Setting up reference images
  • Creating the basic body shape
  • Making the facial shapes
  • Refining the anatomy
  • Modeling cartoon props
  • Adding eyes and teeth
  • Merging the body parts
  • Retopologizing the model for posing
  • Texturing and posing the model




1. Blocking Out the Character
Setting up reference images

Making the basic forms with primitives

Using primitives to make the facial features

Tapering the limbs

Sculpting the body

Adjusting the facial features

Refining the teeth

Refining the ears and nose


2. Finishing the Character’s T Pose
Preparing to fuse body parts

Fusing the body parts

Sculpting organic forms

Creating a poseable mesh with ZRemsher

Projecting detail onto the remeshed model


3. Painting and Texturing
Filling color and material

Painting color details


4. Creating the Guitar
Starting the guitar body

Modeling the strings

Making leaves on the tuning keys

Painting the guitar

Texturing the strings


5. Posing the Character
Starting the pose

Posing multiple subtools together

Posing the tail with deformers

Posing the arms

Positioning the strings under the fingers

Refining the pose


6. Rendering and Presentation
Setting up presentation renders

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