Access 2019: Forms and Reports

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About this Course

Make the most of forms and reports in Access 365. Learn how to control the display of your data, create data entry points and menus for your users, and publish reports.

Learn how to best use forms and reports to control and organize the display of your data, as well as gather parameters for queries. Expert starts with the basics of form design and discusses how to leverage controls such as buttons and links, and combines these ideas in a chapter that shows how to build an application-like framework for getting around a database, then dives into reports, showing how to create efficient and readable layouts, build a report from a query, and use conditional formatting rules to highlight key takeaways from the data.

Finally, expert demonstrates how to link forms and reports as he steps through how to create a profit summary report.


Topics include:

  • Explore the components to a specific database.
  • Identify the steps needed to create a form with the Form Wizard.
  • Determine the steps to use when organizing the form elements.
  • Examine the components of anchor control.
  • Recognize the elements of modifying form properties.
  • Identify the steps necessary for combining text boxes.
  • Determine how to add a form header.
  • Recognize the steps to take to organize screen space with tabs.
  • Explore the ways to add data to a text box.
  • Identify the essentials of a report’s structure.




1. Making the Most of Forms in Access
The benefit of well-designed forms

Design for the end user

Get to know the H+ Sport database

Create a form with the Form Wizard

Create a form with subforms

Refine the form in Layout view


2. Form Design Basics: Creating an Employee Directory
Organize the form elements

Format objects and the Format Painter

Object alignment

Anchor controls

Modify form properties

Additional form properties

Combine textboxes

Add a form header


3. Form and Report Controls
Label control

Lines and rectangles

Organize screen space with tabs

Button controls

Button properties

Link to external content

Add data with a text box

Select data with a combo box

Edit the display of a combo box

Form controls for Yes/No data types

Control input with option groups

Place images into the form backgrounds

Additional image properties

Embed a subform control

Prepare a query for charting

Display a chart

Link form controls

Connect a query to a combo box

Edit the Tab Stop sequence


4. Getting Around the Database
Create a main menu

Refine button macros

Create a data entry form

Finalize the customer form


5. Report Layout
Organize records with group and sort

Understand report structure

Build a report with the Wizard

Explore the report wizard output

Build a report from a query

Format the report in Design view

Apply conditional formatting rules

Advanced conditional formatting

Create calculation fields

Add a report header

Segment dates into groups

Format date header sections


6. Linking Forms and Reports: Creating a Profit Summary
Build the query

Create the report structure

Add data to the report, part 1

Add data to the report, part 2

Connect the form

Connect the query

Add line numbers to the report

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