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About this Course

Learn how to use all the essential features of Visio 2019, the popular diagramming tool from Microsoft.

Creating diagrams can be tedious work. Visio—a popular diagramming app from Microsoft—boasts functionality that can help professionals in a variety of industries design and share diagrams at a faster rate.

In this course, expert helps you master the intricacies of this powerful tool, whether you're using Visio to create an org chart, map out a network, or draw a floor plan. Instructor helps to acquaint you with the user interface and shows how to create and connect diagrams, add objects, and format shapes, images, text, and more. To wrap up the course, he covers ways to publish and share your diagrams, including how to publish diagrams to PDF and share diagrams using the cloud.


Topics include:

  • Describe how to use SmartShapes.
  • Explain how to connect shapes manually.
  • Cite the method for automatically aligning SmartShapes.
  • Describe how to add a background to your diagram.
  • Explain what themes are and how to use them.
  • Summarize how to format shape fills and effects.




1. Get Started
What is Visio 2019?
Open a file and customize the UI

2. Create Connected Diagrams
Use SmartShapes
Arrange top SmartShapes on a stencil
Connect shapes manually

Label shapes and connectors

Insert and delete connected SmartShapes

Auto align SmartShapes

Rearrange connected diagrams


3. Add Additional Objects to Diagrams
Insert text-related objects

Add a background to your diagram

Insert graphics

Insert containers and callouts


4. Format Objects and Text
Use themes

Format text

Format shape fills and effects

Format shape lines


5. Publish Diagrams to Various Outputs
Print diagrams

Publish a diagram to PDF

Save diagrams as image files

Share diagrams using the cloud

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