AutoCAD Architecture

2021-2024 Essential Training

77 Video Lessons

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About this Course

AutoCAD is the leader in CAD drafting, and architects around the world use AutoCAD Architecture for modeling their buildings. This course was designed to help you get up and running with the AutoCAD Architecture toolset.

Expert covers the tools and techniques used by professional architects to build amazing structures with this product. Learn how to lay out simple floor plans with wall objects, which automatically form clean joints, and add windows and doors that intelligently cut wall openings. Discover how to create and modify roofs and furnish your model with fixtures, furniture, and equipment. 
Plus, learn how to create documentation like elevations and sections, complete with schedules and tags.




Using AutoCAD Architecture (the Architecture toolset)

What you should know before watching this course

Using the exercise files

Prerequisite courses you should consider

Using the AutoCAD Architecture profiles


1. Overview of AutoCAD Architecture
Understanding the software

Exploring the user interface

Viewing in 3D

Using the profiles


2. Using the Interface
The application menu

The ribbon

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

The info bar

The status bar

The drawing area

The command line

The shortcut menu


3. Basic Wall Construction
Adding walls

Modifying walls

Creating curtain walls


4. Creating Wall Openings
Adding wall openings

Accessing different wall opening styles

Modifying wall openings


5. Structural Design
Creating custom column grids

Modifying custom column grids

Annotating custom column grids

Working with structural members

Working with standard column grids


6. Reflected Ceiling Plans
Creating ceiling grids

Modifying ceiling grids

Inserting ceiling fixtures


7. Vertical Circulation
Adding stairs

Modifying stairs

Adding railings

Modifying railings


8. Working with Floors
Creating floor slabs

Modifying floor slabs

Editing slabs using slab tools


9. Working with Roofs
Creating roofs

Modifying roofs

Using flat roofs

Working with roof slabs

Modifying roof slabs


10. Using Fixtures, Furnishings, and Equipment
Furnishing the building design

Adding blocks to the tool palette


11. Project Management
Setting up a simple project

Setting up constructs

Modifying constructs


12. Building Model Views
Locating your project

Creating views in the project

Creating elevations

Creating sections

Creating sheets


13. Annotation
Locating your project

Using annotation scales

Adding text and leaders

AEC dimensioning

Other annotation tools


14. Scheduling
Locating your project

Using door and window tags

Editing tag data

Adding schedules

Editing schedules


15. Creating Details
Locating your project

Creating details from tool palettes

Using the Detail Component Manager


16. Visualization
Locating your project

Working with cameras

Managing camera views

Changing camera settings

Placing lights in a model

Basic rendering concepts

Working with the environment


17. Page Setups and Plotting
Locating your project

Working with page setups

Plotting your project sheets

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