Learning Fusion 360 CAM

27 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Fusion 360 includes a powerful CAM package, bringing enterprise-class machining capabilities to the desktop.

Learn how to use Fusion 360 CAM to prepare your 2D and 3D models for machining on CNC routers and mills. In this course, you can find out how to create a CAM setup, configure tools and stock material, and define toolpaths for a variety of cut types.

Expert shows how to configure multiple stock setups from the same file, perform cutting operations with 2D contours and pockets, complete 3D roughing and finishing, and export your design as GCode suitable for your specific CNC machine.


Topics include:

  • Exploring the CAM environment
  • Creating a CAM setup
  • Making cuts in 2D
  • Simulating operations
  • Roughing out 3D models
  • 3D finishing
  • Copying
  • Exporting G-code
  • Creating derived manufacturing files




1. Introduction
Additive vs. subtractive manufacturing

The sample design


2. CAM Environment and Setup
Fusion design and CAM environment

Loading Fusion data

Preparing the Tool Library

Customizing a tool

Creating named views


3. Create the Base Plate
Creating a CAM setup

Making pocket cuts

Simulating an operation

Cutting 2D contours

Working with tabs


4. Create the End Plate
Working with multiple setups

3D pocket roughing

3D finishing

Creating closed pockets

Copy operations


5. Creating the Middle Plate
Creating the middle plate setup

2D contour with custom tabs


6. Creating the Handle
Copy entire setup


7. Post Processing
Exporting GCode for your machine


8. Derived Manufacturing Files
Derived manufacturing

Choosing a source to derive from

Completing the derived design

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