Fusion 360: Designing for Metal

17 Video Lessons

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About this Course

If you're designing metal parts, you'll need to do things differently than you would for other materials and processes. This course shows how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 the affordable cloud-powered CAD and CAM tool that works like more expensive, industry-focused tools to build effective designs specifically for subtractive manufacturing in metal.

Expert shows how to build solid designs, simulate how the model will hold up to the stress of production and use, render the design for presentation, and finalize it for manufacturing. The workflows showcased in this course are tailored to help the nonprofessional CAD user, and the maker, to be more effective and quickly have access to the tools that a few years ago were only available to the few and at an astronomical price.


Topics include:

  • Setting up parameters
  • Joining components
  • Animating and rendering the design
  • Testing alternative materials
  • Creating the setup
  • Publishing and posting the design




Designing for metal manufacture

What you should know

Exercise files

Setting preferences


1. Getting More from Solid Modeling
Setting up parameters

Bodies or components

Joining components


2. Communicating the Design

2D drawing tools for metal




3. Simulation of the Design
Creating a static stress study

Testing with an alternative material

Overview of generative design


4. Making the Design
Creating a setup

Defining the toolpath

Publishing and posting

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