Fusion 360: Designing for Plastics

17 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Plastic has unique properties not shared by other materials. If you're designing something that will eventually be created in plastic, considering the complexities of manufacturing in your design process is critical.

In this course, learn how to design parts for additive manufacturing in plastic using Autodesk Fusion 360 the affordable cloud-powered CAD and CAM tool that works like more expensive, industry-focused tools.

Expert explains how to create a form, complete and visualize your design, and set it up for 3D printing, all while designing a ready-to-manufacture part. Plus, learn a more complex alternative modeling processes for creating a solid from surfaces and subdividing a solid model.


Topics include:

  • Creating a T-spline body
  • Creating a solid from a T-spline
  • Adding features and fillets
  • Rendering the design
  • Setting up for 3D printing
  • Forming a solid from surfaces




Designing for plastic manufacturing

What you should know

Managing data

Setting preferences


1. Creating a Form
Using an attached canvas

Creating a T-spline body

Editing a T-spline body

Creating a solid from the T-spline


2. Completing the Design
Adding internal features

Applying draft



3. Visualizing the Design



4. Producing the Design
Setting up for 3D printing


5. Alternative Complex Modeling
Forming a solid from surfaces

Updating the new design

Subdividing a solid model

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