Fusion 360: Multi-Body Modeling

10 Video Lessons

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About this Course

The multi-body design process allows you to model parts and components as separate bodies within a single design file.

In this course, learn how to create multiple bodies using techniques in Fusion 360, including placing solids, making assembly components, working with sketches and text, and creating solids with the sculpt feature.

Expert covers extrusion, linking, modeling, and additional steps involved in creating multiple bodies, detailing bodies, and turning bodies into components.


Topics include:

  • Creating a multi-body part in Fusion 360
  • Extruding two bodies
  • Linking multiple bodies
  • Extruding enclosures
  • Revising bodies
  • Modeling bodies
  • Completing a multi-body part
  • Creating a dynamic assembly






1. Creating Multiple Bodies
Warming up

Creating our first multi-body part

Extruding the two bodies

Creating bodies to link our wheels

Extruding the enclosure


2. Detailing the Bodies
Making revisions to bodies

Modeling the energy director

Completing the multi-body part


3. Turning Bodies into Components
Creating a dynamic assembly

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