Fusion 360: Generative Design

20 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Generative design technology gives engineers and designers an artificial intelligence copilot that presents solution options to engineering problems.

In this course, learn when and how to leverage the generative design capabilities in Fusion 360. Expert shows how to prepare a generative study for a model, define all the parameters for it, and generate a solution set.

Expert shows how to assess the study's results, adjust your design, and examine the new design using finite element analysis (FEA). Plus, learn about a few advanced generative design workflows, including how to clone an existing study and use it as a starting point for future studies with different values.


Topics include:

  • Generative design vs. shape optimization
  • Starting a generative study
  • Selecting portions of a model to preserve
  • Defining obstacles
  • Setting design conditions and criteria
  • Reviewing and comparing outcomes
  • Exporting results
  • Cloning an existing study




Generative Design: The evolution of computer aided design

What you should know


1. Why Generative Design?
Generative design vs. shape optimization

Cost and options


2. Preparing a Study

Starting a new generative study

Creating interface geometry

Selecting the geometry to preserve

Editing a model and creating geometry in the study

Defining obstacles

Setting the design conditions

Defining the design criteria

Setting the materials for the study

Start generating a solution


3. Reviewing the Results
Use filters to review outcome options

Compare the best outcomes

Export the results

Modify the exported outcome

Examine new design using FEA


4. Advanced Workflows
Clone an existing study

Using a starter shape

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