Learning SOLIDWORKS: Electrical

37 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Get started with SOLIDWORKS Electrical, a design package that can help make the work of designing and developing electrical systems a bit easier.

Expert covers the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Electrical, and explains how to use this software to generate electrical engineering design schematics and reports. Expert kicks off the course by discussing the overall process of generating an electrical design project, including how to work with the user interface and build a custom project template, then explains how to generate electrical schematics and components; create, customize, and use wire styles within your schematic drawings; create your own custom symbol from scratch; edit a PLC; generate final reports for your electrical projects; and more.


Topics include:

  • Navigation tools and graphics options
  • Electrical schematics and components
  • Creating, customizing, and using wire styles
  • Drawing symbols
  • Editing and customizing cross-references
  • Using origin-destination arrows
  • Automated PLC generation techniques
  • Creating and using macros
  • Generating 2D cabinet layouts
  • Customizing reports




1. Getting Started
Database update

Projects Manager and unarchiving

User interface

Navigation tools and graphics options

Project templates


2. Electrical Schematics
Line diagrams


Mixed schematics


3. Electrical Components
What is a component?

Creating components

Assigning manufacturer parts to a component

Adding manufacturer parts to the library

Locations and functions


4. Wiring and Cabling
Wire styles

Wire numbering



5. Symbols
Symbols Manager

Drawing symbols

Adding connection points and attributes

Saving and using the new symbol


6. Cross-Referencing and Origin-Destination Arrows
What is cross-referencing?

Editing and customizing cross-references

Using origin-destination arrows


7. Macros
Creating and using macros

Project macros


8. PLCs and Connectors
Dynamic PLCs

Editing a PLC

Automated PLCs

Dynamic connectors


9. 2D Cabinet Layouts
Creating a 2D layout

Inserting the cabinet

Inserting ducts and rails

Inserting electrical components


10. Final Reports and Design Rule Checks
Design rule checks

Final reports

Customizing final reports

Final exports

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