Learning the Adobe Creative Cloud

52 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Explore the Adobe Creative Cloud. Learn how to sign up, download apps, work with files, and use all the Creative Cloud has to offer.
With Adobe Creative Cloud, you can access the entire collection of Adobe software, including powerhouse design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. The subscription model provides new purchase options as well as instant access to software updates. In this introductory course, explore all the suite has to offer. Expert explains how to sign up for Creative Cloud and install programs and updates, expert shows how to upload, download, and manage files in the cloud, and reviews the sharing and collaboration workflow. Then demonstrates how to store and share reusable assets in CC Libraries.

Finally, expert shows how to use the Creative Cloud and other Adobe mobile apps to take your work anywhere your creativity leads.


Topics include:

  • Signing up for Creative Cloud
  • Installing Creative Cloud on Mac and Windows
  • Installing CC apps
  • Working with files
  • Creating and sharing CC Libraries
  • Working with Adobe Fonts and Adobe Stock
  • Saving colors, fonts, and shapes with Adobe Capture
  • Creating patterns and brushes with Adobe Capture
  • Using the Adobe mobile apps




1. Get Started with the Creative Cloud
What is Creative Cloud?

What is an Adobe ID?

Sign up for Creative Cloud

Explore the Creative Cloud website


2. Work with Desktop Apps
Install Creative Cloud Desktop on Windows

Install Creative Cloud Desktop on Mac

Download and install apps

Install previous versions of CC apps

Update Creative Cloud applications

Uninstall Creative Cloud applications

Exploring the Creative Cloud desktop application


3. Creative Cloud Files
What are Creative Cloud files?

Upload files to your account

Organize your Creative Cloud files

Download your files

View Creative Cloud files on the web

Working with file versions

Share links to Creative Cloud files

Collaborate with Creative Cloud files

Delete and restore files

Cloud documents


4. Creative Cloud Libraries
Create a Creative Cloud Library

Adding objects in a CC Library

Using objects in a CC Library

Add colors to a CC Library

Add Color Themes to a CC Library

Add text styles to a CC Library

Save text objects to a CC Library

Organizing assets using groups

Search for assets in a CC Library

Overcoming Illustrator Library limitations

Adding desktop files to a library

View CC Libraries on the web

View CC Libraries in Adobe Bridge

Add notes to CC Library assets

Share and collaborate with CC Libraries

Useful collaboration information

Archive Creative Cloud assets


5. Creative Cloud Services
Explore Adobe Fonts

Explore Adobe Stock

Explore Adobe Color


6. Adobe Capture
Adobe Capture overview

Save materials

Save type

Save shapes

Save colors

Save looks

Save patterns

Save brushes


7. Mobile Apps
Use the Creative Cloud Mobile app

Explore more Adobe mobile apps

Activate Adobe Fonts using the Creative Cloud mobile app

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