InDesign Secrets (2011-2020)

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About this Course

In this series, experts share some hidden and sometimes surprising workflow tips that will make working in InDesign more efficient and more fun.

The course covers built-in timesaving features such as Quick Apply and auto-expanding text, but also little-known tricks, such as using the eyedropper to copy and paste character and paragraph text attributes and making accurate selections by selecting through or even into objects.




InDesign Secrets (2011)
001 The hidden 'auto-expand text' feature
002 Letting InDesign do the math for you
003 The indispensible Quick Apply feature
004 Customizing the Links panel
005 Magically building graphs with the Chartwell font
006 Using the Eyedropper tool to pick up character or paragraph attributes
007 Selecting through and into objects using cmd-click and Select Above_Below
008 Some great tips and tricks for the Swatches panel
009 Saving down for backward compatibility with INX and IDML
010 Using the INX and IDML formats to fix problems
011 InDesign's Easter eggs
012 Three cool GREP styles everyone can use
013 A field guide to special characters
014 Trashing the application preferences to solve weird behaviors
015 Aligning numbered lists by decimal points
016 Running a script
017 When text disappears from a text frame
018 Preview and Presentation modes (changing color etc.)

InDesign Secrets (2012)
019 Using multiple windows for comparisons
020 Putting images on a stroke
021 Making your own motion path
022 Copying objects between Illustrator and InDesign
023 Using layer comps in Photoshop files to show alternates in InDesign
024 Adding custom HTML tags to EPUB_HTML exports
025 Tracking down type issues with the composition highlighter
026 Managing your InDesign panels
027 Creating running heads using variables
028 Live Caption tips and tricks
029 Making professional drop caps
030 Making two-state buttons in interactive documents
031 Moving pages from one document to another
032 Wrapping bulleted text around a curve
033 Importing a custom dictionary
034 Changing document orientation and page size
035 Numbering instead of using auto page numbers
036 Setting story order with the Articles panel
037 Updating a linked table without losing formatting
038 Creating electronic sticky notes
039 Moving master page items to the top layer for visibility
040 Five guide tricks that will impress your coworkers
041 Letting InDesign add the diacritics
042 Using single-cell table cells for custom paragraph formatting
043 Formatting fractions correctly
044 Fixing unwanted hyperlinks in an imported Word file
045 Inline graphic tricks with invisible paragraphs
046 Ensuring the first line of every chapter starts in the same spot
047 Specifying an exact amount of space between objects
048 Fixing last lines that are too short
049 Creating web graphics from your InDesign artwork
050 Using “No Language” to suppress unwanted hyphenation, spell-checking, and smart quotes
051 Five things that should be in every new file
052 Forcing EPUB page breaks with invisible objects
053 Understanding component information
054 Creating running heads using section markers
055 Making a font with InDesign using the IndyFont script
056 Finding where that color is used
057 Text wrapping
058 Inserting pages - Understanding the Pages panel
059 Copying paths between Illustrator and InDesign
060 Automating Find_Change with the Find_ChangeByList script
061 Embedding images
062 Adjusting leading inside a paragraph
063 Placing one InDesign file inside another
064 Creating bookmarks for PDFs
065 Customizing the story editor preferences
066 Setting the size of text exactly with this free script
067 Using Gravity to simulate perspective
068 Fixing the overflowing text frame problem in EPUBs
069 Ten uses of the Story Editor
070 Moving an object - Ten ways!
071 Understanding optical margin alignment (and the quote trick)
072 Changing the shape of any frame with the pen tool

InDesign Secrets (2013)
073 Working with sets in the content conveyor tool
074 Running text along the top and the bottom of a circle
075 Creating a list using the Table of Contents feature
076 Quickly threading frames together and unthreading frames
077 The secrets of formatting objects with Find_Change
078 Using ruler guides - 10 great tricks
079 Converting a clipping path to a frame
080 Adding a drop shadow to a single word inside a frame
081 Creating a custom cross-reference format
082 Putting different-sized pages on a single spread
083 Formatting prices with nested and grep styles
084 Checking out the Gridify tricks
085 Using Illustrator to create InDesign gradient swatches
086 Building a simple grep style to change character size
087 Exporting a grayscale PDF
088 Three ways to cheat text outside of its frame
089 Three great Object Styles for any designer
090 Choosing alpha channel image transparency
091 Adding and reading metadata for InDesign files
092 Adding ALT tags to your images
093 How to Place & Link a text frame's text but not its formatting
094 Setting the baseline position of a caption
095 Managing changing pages with primary text frames
096 Secrets of the Info panel
097 Surprising ways to do a word count
098 Placing an object where you want it with an object style
099 Aligning Objects tips and tricks
100 Applying corner options to any shape
101 Converting footnotes to endnotes with a free script
102 Making tab leaders pretty
103 Converting text to outlines the right way
104 Turning InDesign into a speed demon
105 Working with MiniBridge
106 Customize your QR codes
107 Using the same keyboard shortcut for two different commands with the Context feature
108 Making a text highlighter
109 Updating an interactive PDF without losing work done in Acrobat
110 Adding custom text at the beginning of each line automatically
111 Packaging images on the pasteboard
112 Automatically updating figure references for books
113 Adding Tool Tips to your form fields in InDesign
114 Setting poetry, flush left, center on longest line
115 Use bookmarks to navigate long documents in production
116 Selecting text with the InDesign keyboard dance
117 Including a total page count in your page numbers
118 Making a custom arrowhead
119 Making alternative body text styles for fast typesetting
120 Making InDesign patterns with the free PatternMaker
121 Creating pull quotes the easy way

InDesign Secrets (2014)
122 Allow text frame to resize with text
123 Mapping Word styles to InDesign styles
124 Make two automatically threaded text flows
125 Saving for Web in InDesign
126 Numbering rows in a table
127 Making automatic jump lines
128 Turning off allow pages to shuffle in order to separate facing pages
129 Dealing with parentheses around text size
130 Make a fill in the blank label for contracts and forms
131 Changing the shape of polygons and starburst as you draw or afterward
132 Contextual text and images that you only want sometimes visible
133 Creating nav points in a movie
134 Adding effects to your rule above and rule below
135 Fitting text to a specific size
136 Quick tips for making a small PDF file size
137 Sharing presets, workspaces, and custom shortcuts sets
138 Making a multi-level numbered list
139 Faking bold and italic when the font family doesn’t have one
140 Keeping the same scale size when updating or relinking to images
141 Inserting glyphs
142 Building richer, bolder color gradients
143 Finding the right font with InDesign’s font menus
144 Lay out a front back and spine for a book jacket
145 Ghosting area of image behind text
146 Make a transparency mask in InDesign
147 Using preflight to find common document errors
148 Cropping with paste into
149 Using vertical justification to spread out text in a frame automatically
150 Rotate text inside a frame, or the frame around the text
151 Looking at snippets vs. libraries
152 Import a folder full of pictures, one per page
153 When InDesign ignores your leading values
154 Extracting images from a Word document
155 Uncommon uses for Quick Apply
156 Uncovering InDesign's magic font folders
157 Sharing swatches (PS_IL_ID and ID to ID)
158 Convert rounded corners to editable paths
159 Convert local formatting to character styles
160 Sort an index by page number
161 Keeping page numbers on top of master items
162 Adding automatic currency symbols in a table cell or before text
163 Make a pop-up footnote for your ebook
164 Deleting tabs at the beginning of paragraphs and applying a paragraph style
165 Five InDesign Presentation tips
166 Creating blank entry spaces on forms
167 Creative uses of the Slug area
168 Change the UI languaging in InDesign CS6 and CC
169 All about All Caps (change case open type option)
170 Batch convert InDesign files to IDML and other formats
171 Fun with placeholder text

InDesign Secrets (2015)
172 Making a character style change only the tint of your text
173 Editing table set up from the keyboard
174 How to sort text in InDesign
175 Making captions easy (ignore text wrap object style library item live caption)
176 Quickly empty out an InDesign document of text and images
177 Add a font from Typekit in CC
178 How to hide the content grabber donut
179 File naming for healthy EPUBs
180 One-sided custom strokes for image borders
181 The fastest way to find missing links
182 Start a document on a left-hand page
183 Borrowing preset art paths from Illustrator and Photoshop for fresh frame looks in InDesign
184 Put a box around or behind a paragraph
185 Fixing three common Word formatting glitches
186 Making long shadows
187 Three ways to prevent a word from hyphenating
188 How to type the last page number in a book
189 Placing InDesign files
190 Make an image sandwich - Putting an image in front and in back of text for a magazine cover
191 Deciding between reflowable and fixed-layout EPUB
192 Test font choices quickly in CC
193 Printing tracked changes
194 Using Ink Manager before sending your project to the printer
195 Fast layout with column spans in styles
196 Working with dynamic layouts
197 Permanently disabling hyphenation
198 Adding prefixes to page numbers
199 Taming baseline grid previews
200 Using Work and Turn to create two-sided documents
201 Making better Bridge previews
202 Formatting drop words in a text document
203 Sharing custom workspaces
204 Creating an interesting effect
205 Managing scripts
206 Creating Intertwining Objects
207 Fixing style collisions in EPUB output
208 Navigating through pages with bookmarks
209 Creating a keyboard shortcut for the [None] character style
210 Working with pasteboard options
211 Tips and tricks for paragraph shading
212 Incorporating spring-loaded tool shortcuts
213 Making InDesign run faster
214 Formatting text quickly with Apply Next
215 Making a print PDF do double-duty as an online PDF
216 Adding continued headers to tables
217 Choosing which layout objects get packaged for the printer
218 Copying and pasting Photoshop paths
219 Customizing frames in Normal View
220 Placing paragraph lines for emphasis

InDesign Secrets (2016)
221 Finding and editing all overset text in a doc
222 Adding paragraph shading
223 Forcing chapter names down from the top with a style
224 Creating custom color swatches
225 Discovering secrets of the Tabs panel
226 Making object styles to change frame size
227 Tips for using Edit Original
228 Setting text at an angle
229 Batch converting ID files to current version with the Book panel
230 Getting around InDesign limitations
231 Creating better callout lines with effects and object styles
232 Swapping column and row information in tables
233 Making bigger text link targets
234 Free script identifies word stacks
235 Easier style mapping from Word to InDesign
236 Auto-reflow images in a grid
237 Making your style names “legal” for EPUBs
238 See your document in grayscale onscreen
239 Packaging without the instruction file
240 Side-by-side tables
241 Three ways to move styles from one InDesign file to another
242 When a tab really means new line
243 Export all the fonts in a layout without packaging
244 Format the first line of a paragraph with Line Styles
245 Place all PDF pages at once
246 The problem with blending spot colors
247 Use InCopy to create linked boilerplate text for layouts
248 Keyboard shortcuts for special characters
249 Create layout notes in InDesign for InCopy users
250 Keyboard shortcut to insert special glyphs inside a font
251 Share one layout among many ID users with Layout Zone
252 Clean out old hyperlinks and hyperlink destinations
253 Crop many overlapping pix at once
254 Find the hex number for any color
255 Check resolution in a PDF
256 Character style highlighting
257 Convert a list to a table
258 Move InDesign artwork to Photoshop
259 Include summaries in your table of contents
260 Batch process images
261 Update swatches by syncing
262 Build and apply kerning tables
263 Sync master pages
264 Use a script to set the table subhead row style
265 Keep your templates current
266 Export selection or page as a sized JPEG or PNG
267 When all your numbers are superscript
268 Techniques to convert text to outlines
269 Fix Illustrator place problems
270 Work with new Animated Zoom features
271 Add images to an index

InDesign Secrets (2017)
272 Reverse text when partially over a dark object
273 Set tab order for forms
274 When white is set to overprint
275 When the Control panel is missing controls
276 Make a grid of pages from a PDF file
277 Fix fraction problems in EPUBs
278 Adjust space between a group of objects
279 CC Libraries - Share vs. Collaborate overview
280 Screen redraw problems
281 Share a CC library
282 Make an image break out of its frame
283 Collaborate with a CC library
284 How to correct hyphenation
285 Replace formatted text with lorem ipsum
286 How to format ellipses
287 Merge book files with a free Script
288 Create a maze with a free script
289 Display overriding styles
290 Work with scripts
291 Overview of working with CC libraries
292 Automatically format run in headings
293 Modify the Pages panel view
294 Adjust table strokes in Table Settings
295 Place and replace Artboards with a script
296 Incorporate Photoshop files into InDesign layouts
297 Share CC libraries with other users
298 How to embed a YouTube video
299 Shrink your InDesign files
300 Remove blue highlighting from text
301 Embed a two-column text frame
302 Automate a numbered list with check boxes
303 Import a style with Find/Change
304 Create a calendar with CalendarWizard
305 Keep options for table rows
306 Automatically crop multiple images
307 Two ways to ignore text wrap
308 Easily insert glyphs with free script
309 Create better publish online thumbnails
310 View publish online document stats
311 Make Word act like InDesign
312 Create Cross Refs with a page range
313 Quick Apply preferences
314 Duplicate objects into a Grid
315 Streamline placement of auto formatted images
316 Pay attention to Transparency Blend Space
317 Color fills with Eye Dropper
318 How to split a long story into smaller pieces
319 Use Creative Cloud to share InDesign files
320 Combining Animated GIFs with InDesign Animations
321 Conditional text with editorial notes

InDesign Secrets (2018)
322 Change character style for text inside parentheses
323 Typekit tips: Workarounds
324 Top 10 keyboard shortcuts to know
325 Link text frames
326 Changing word or character spacing in a paragraph style
327 Preflight profile to check for Typekit fonts
328 Naming items in the Layers panel
329 Distinguish among multiple working documents
330 Add corner brackets around a frame
331 InCopy with InDesign workflow
332 Add space around lists with spans
333 Tips for formatting text spacing
334 Free script to rotate selected characters
335 Edit spacing from the keyboard
336 Create perfect triangles
337 Footnote and endnote keyboard shortcut
338 Publish Online statistics
339 Change default keyboard shortcuts
340 Mapping one color swatch to another
341 Find free InDesign templates on Adobe Stock
342 Numbering items in a diagram
343 Border spacing fix
344 Insert a line before and after a heading
345 View track changes and export with InCopy
346 Export to HTML5
347 How to merge paragraph shading
348 Make a quick grid from objects on your page
349 Utilize the new note feature
350 Exchange or swap two images
351 Change default fonts
352 Best default RGB
353 Use Adobe Bridge to find fonts
354 Discretionary line breaks
355 Scale pictures inside a layout
356 Numbering items in a diagram
357 Extract anchored text frames
358 When Paragraph Style has no effect
359 Efficient ways to format paragraph styles
360 Find spacing problems
361 Use the No Break option to format characters
362 Find/Change to add text to many table cells
363 Export all text
364 The mysterious _GoBack bookmark
365 Quick check for TypeKit fonts
366 Paste with and without text formatting
367 The line breaks of Paragraph Composer
368 PB, DT, and OV in the Links panel
369 Shared CC Libraries tips
370 Run scripts with Quick Apply or shortcuts

InDesign Secrets (2019)
371 Determine type specs in a PDF
372 Add or remove columns while editing a story
373 Convert a PDF to an editable INDD
374 Animation: Fly in diagonally
375 Script editing for nonscripters
376 Make cast shadows
377 Loose and tight body styles
378 Change your measurements and rulers
379 Troubleshoot missing fonts
380 Fill empty table cells with this script
381 Tips for targeting table strokes
382 Free, high-quality maps in vector format
383 Favorite Bridge tips for InDesign users
384 Out-of-gamut warnings when choosing colors
385 Larger previews of CC Library items
386 Snippets - The easiest way to save and share styles
387 Move CC Libraries around with a file
388 Split a text frame into multiple threaded frames
389 Add notes to CC Library items
390 Use Split Window when choosing text colors
391 Copy layers from one layout to another
392 Swap text and images with a free script
393 Case-sensitive spell checks for custom words
394 Transform points to create amazing shapes
395 Properties panel - Tips for the new user
396The right way to make a table style
397 Properties panel - Formatting objects
398 Change balanced ragged lines to pyramids
399 Properties panel - Text and styles tips
400 Change the space between objects fast!
401 Import PDF comments from old PDFs
402 Draw on text frame above another
403 Import PDF comments from Document Cloud
404 Use InDesign Find and Replace for hyperlinks
405 When to use Balance Ragged Lines feature
406 Fix spacing between items in a list
407 Share parts of a layout with another designer
408 The master page trick
409 Copy and paste effects
410 Tell InDesign to do your math homework
411 Manage the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts dialog
412 Three InDesign navigation shortcuts you need to know
413 Create a fast-and-easy fake duotone
414 One click to better-looking type
415 Set up tables with footnote numbering
416 Copy colors, styles, or master pages across
417 Right-align numbers in a numbered list
418 Share layout elements with older versions
419 Tips for managing Adobe fonts in InDesign
420 Find the special character you need fast

InDesign Secrets (2020)
421 Browse all Adobe Fonts from inside InDesign
422 Create object styles for page positioning
423 Using math in InDesign fields
424 Freeze the top row of a table
425 Auto-expand acronyms
426 Knock a hole in an object
427 Three ways to abolish runts (short last lines)
428 Variable fonts
429 Your first GREP style—no codes!
430 Change page size fast with the Page tool
431 Sharing InDesign elements between versions
432 Shadows and special effects on drop caps
433 Where did the application bar widgets go
434 Making speech bubbles
435 Working with ligatures
436 Quick tips for numbered lists
437 Adding descriptions to scripts
438 Threading filled frames
439 Clearing all overrides from a particular style
440 Custom page numbering tricks
441 Use blend modes to highlight text on images
442 Pulling out key colors from placed images
443 Add a time stamp to your layouts
444 Adding form fields at the bottom of a contract
445 Working with Google Docs in InDesign
446 Rounded endcaps on paragraph rules
447 How to tell which styles contain a font
448 Keep links intact when pasting
449 Find all documents that contain an image
450 Tips and tricks for the Pages panel
451 Learn Data Merge in five minutes
452 Combine two documents to maintain pagination
453 Apply corner options to corner options
454 Activate and manage Adobe Fonts from a CC Library
455 Use one frame, not many
456 Create a portable InDesign document
457 Create a grid with nCreate a portable InDesign document gaps
458 Two GREP styles you have to know
459 Copy and paste object positions with the Eyedropper
460 Using a section marker as a header
461 Create a boilerplate text collection in CC Library
462 Find indexed color images
463 Create linked text using a CC Library

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